“The waves don’t look very big from up here”

Just a little while earlier Asher and I were out riding waves on boogie boards.  Perhaps I was a bit too optimistic, but I pushed him out on the board in front of a large wave that he rode for a few seconds before slamming him down under water.  Then, just as he stood up, coughing salt water and looking like The Flash on Halloween he got hit with another one.

Isn’t that how it always goes?

Sometimes painful moments just build one upon another until, if you aren’t careful, you can start losing hope that things will ever get better.

But Asher got up.  He made his way to shore.  Then we went to the pools and the lazy river and eventually decided to make our way back to the room for lunch (read: oreos).  As we sat on the balcony he dropped one of those unintentionally profound observations on me:

“The waves don’t look very big from up here”

He wasn’t saying this in a general way.  He was commenting that the waves that once seemed so relentless and overwhelming were small and insignificant when he could step back and see them from a distance.  Perspective, as it always does, makes all the difference.




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