Asher’s Party

“Look dad!  It’s a party!”

Asher came running into the room, tightly gripping a single green balloon.  Both the boy and his prize looked primed to burst.  Asher is contagious in everything he feels.  When he smiles you can’t help but join in.  His eyes, his teeth, that little scar on his cheek from the time he wrecked his bike all invite you in to the joy he is experiencing.

He loves everything.

After jumping off the couch a few times as though the balloon would carry him up to the ceiling Asher inexplicably rolled around on the floor for a minute before yelling “DINNERTIME!” as ran out the door.  I watched his single green balloon float up and bounce around for a few seconds before it came to a rest.  Just like that the party was over.

The balloon was never the party.  It wasn’t the joy.  Nothing about it was contagious.  It was Asher that made it happen.


When I write blogs I very rarely know where they are going to end up.  It’s pretty much stream of consciousness writing.  Most of the time I don’t even edit (which results in some pretty bad grammatical errors from time to time).  Anyway, I’m sitting here thinking that I can take this story and apply it to materialism or church culture; or materialism in church culture.

I’m not going to do that though.  I think that Asher deserves a blog that’s just about him, his balloon and his joy and nothing else.


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