Running for Life Change (part 2)

Yesterday, on the very day that 2016 Mike outran 2014 Mike, I failed.  I walked.  It was at the same place that it has happened many times before: that stupid hill coming back from the pool.  It’s not that steep of a hill, but it’s long.  Yesterday it got the better of me.

It’s strange.  I have run that hill successfully countless times.  Usually it’s the last leg of my 5+ mile runs.  I ALWAYS finish it on the big runs.  Once it was the 9th mile on a 10 mile run.  For the record, my 9th mile was the 3rd fastest mile of that night.  I know I can do it! Yesterday, at about 2.25 miles in, I caved in and failed.  As bummed out as I was for the 45 seconds I strolled up that hill I found some encouragement…

An off night does not mean you’re off track.

3 years ago I ran exactly 0 miles.  2 years ago I didn’t even try to run that hill.  It was beyond me and I knew it.  Today, I succeed more than I fail.  Tomorrow will be even better than today.

Failure can really mess a person up.  It’s extremely easy to take a moment of failure and apply it to our identity.  There have definitely been times I’ve walked up that hill thinking I’m still the same guy that ran 3/4 of a mile in 16 minutes 2 years ago.

Yesterday I mentioned how far I feel I have come with being competitive.  I don’t want to go into a rage when Asher traps me in Mousetrap or Kristan runs more miles than me in a month (I’m currently up by 13 in March!).  I’d be lying, however, if I pretended to be perfect.  There have been some neighborhood basketball games where I caught myself getting a little frustrated with how things are going.  A couple of months ago we were playing Phase 10 with friends and I had to text them an apologize for losing my cool.  In my defense, the phase where you have to get 7 in a row can get really old when you watch everyone else lay down 4 wild cards round after round and all you have are 6 “2’s” in your hand.

Yea, when it comes to being competitive, I have my hills.  Sometimes I fail and have to walk.  As time goes on, more and more I’m running hard to the top.

Failing doesn’t make a person a failure.  Failing makes a person a follower.  

My goal in life is to follow Jesus and become more like Him.  That’s a pretty lofty goal.  If I’m not failing, I have a pretty high view of myself or low view of Him.




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