That’s the record.  On September 5, 2015 I ran a mile faster than I had since high school.  It was a great feeling…


The thing about setting a record is that it suddenly puts everything you’ve done and will do in perspective.  Prior to September 5, 2015 I had run some 190 miles on my NikeRun app.  Some of those miles were run as I was “getting back into shape” or as I was dealing with minor injuries.  The rest, however, were miles run by a younger Mike.  At 35 years old I shouldn’t be setting new records.  Every time the voice on my app announced a time higher than 7:55 he was announcing my wasted potential.

It’s even worse on this end of it.

Some 65 miles since I set that record and none of them have come close to 7:55.  Every run a failure to live up to what I can accomplish.

My best is not behind me.  I completely believe that someday, hopefully soon, I’m going to crush that 7:55 and turn that record into just another mile.  Maybe I’ll even get myself under 7 minutes.

And then the whole thing will start again.


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