A few weeks ago Kristan and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on the beautiful island of Bermuda.  The history, culture and nightlife was all well and good, but when you are talking about Bermuda you are talking about the beaches…


Horseshoe Bay (above), Tabacco Bay, Elbow Beach are standouts.  I’m not a beach guy.  Its usually too hot (there’s a surprising lack of shade on beaches) while the water somehow is freezing cold.  Not to mention the sand.  Like Anakin Skywalker I hate sand.  It gets everywhere.  The whole thing just isn’t me.

Not so in Bermuda.  The pink sand feels like you are walking on pillows.  The best part is that, since the whole island is a beach, we were usually one of about a half dozen people.  At a few places were literally the only two people.


It was all very cool.


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