Book Review

“If you or your church is considering working with college students, you must read this book! This is an honest, insightful and inspiring challenge about one of the most neglected mission fields in America today – college campuses. This is not a detailed handbook on “how to,” rather a challenging message on “why not?”  


It is true; college students are leaving the local church in record numbers.  The most disturbing aspect of this statistic is the fact that we are losing the very people with the most to give.  This trend must change if the church, as we know it, is to survive.  This book provides a fresh new challenge for the church to address this critical problem.  While I do not agree, “everything wrong with your church can be solved with college students,” I do concur that there is a huge, untapped potential waiting for the church through an infusion of college students.  


Writing in a very conversational style, Mike Reeve, allows us to see his heart and his passion for reaching and making disciples of college students.  Using humor, personal stories and anecdotes, he shares how important it is to see college ministry as much more than just another program or strategy.  It is our mission field. 


In summary, this book is a passionate plea and challenge to reach out to the college students and the college campuses in our cities. In addition, it is a powerful reminder of the importance of college ministry for the local church, and of the enormity of the mission field right at the doorstep of most of our churches.”


Larry Doyle

Director of Missions at the Piedmont Baptist Association


* Every Single One releases THIS FRIDAY!




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