The Post-Writing Frustration

As absolutely everyone now knows, I have written a book.  It’s been an amazing process and I’m extremely excited to be so close to completion.  I am, however, currently dealing with several frustrations…

1. It’s hard to wait.  I’ve been done with the book for about a month, but the release date is still more than a month away.  This is an important time of promotion.  After all, no use in writing a book if you fail to get the word out there.  Which brings me to #2…

2. I’m not a promoter.  It comes with the territory.  It’s important.  I get it, but it feels extremely unnatural.  

3. I’m struggling to write.  After finishing up, “Every Single One”, I have found myself really struggling to sit down and start writing again.  Today, after a few weeks of nothingness, I finally started research for my next project.  

Thanks everyone for all your support through this process!  


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