How to Go to Church: Write [IT] Down

I have a confession to make…

I have no idea what I preached on 2 months ago.  If I can’t remember a sermon that I prepared for and delivered; there is no way that anyone else is going to do any better.  The words that the pastor spends countless hours/energy/prayer putting together each week are forgotten almost entirely by the time you get to Wholly Guacamole.  Any communicator who thinks otherwise is completely delusional.  It doesn’t matter how good the sermon is…it will be forgotten almost immediately.

Yet we want life change.

If that is going to happen we have to learn how, as receivers of the message, to listen and retain.

How to Go to Church: Write [IT] Down

  1. IT = The Main Idea of the message.  Ex. “We can trust that God will keep His promises to us”
  2. IT = A few key thoughts and Scriptures. Ex: “When we have difficulty hoping in the ‘promises’, turn your focus to the Promiser”/”All God’s promises in Christ are ‘Yes'”
  3. IT = Experience.  “God really spoke to me about His faithfulness and I know that I can trust Him regardless of my circumstances.  He has promised me that His grace is sufficient for me.  When I am in need I believe in that.”

Note-taking transforms the individual from a spectator to a learner.  There is no greater blessing to the pastor nor benefit to the congregation than when the people of the church value the message enough to write it down.


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